Dodge City Open Results

Man Singles Open Champion- Bogdan Sokol (Victoria)

Man Singles Runner Up- Eric Tran (Nanaimo)


Open Doubles Champions-

Bogdan Sokol & Igor Masalkin (Victoria)

Open Doubles Runners Up- Charlie Zhang & Eric Tran (Nanaimo)

Open Ladies Champion- Uschi Lesley (Victoria)

Open Ladies Runner Up- Brenda Holden (Powell River)

Juniors U16 Champion- Vy Tran (Nanaimo)

Juniors U16 Runner Up- Yusuf Salif (Duncan)


2017 Victoria Open Results

Open Singles 

Gold Medal: Joel Utiger

Silver Medal: Bogdan Sokol

Bronze Medal: Luba Sadovska/ Sasan Shariarti

Open Dobles

Gold Medal: Bogdan Sokol / Ming Fang

Silver Medal: Luba Sadovska / Sasan Shariati

Bronze Medal: Paul Zhang / Gary Sun

U 15 and U 19

Category Age 16-19

Gold Medal: Joel Utiger

Silver Medal: Beam Tangamonsiri

Bronze Medal: Vicky Wu

Category Under 15

Gold Medal: Glen Zhu

Silver Medal: Alborz Ghanadiof

Bronze Medal: Andy Wang

60 +

Gold Medal: Dave Smilie

Silver Medal: Tim Chong

Bronze Medal: Peter Harrison

Women Open

Gold Medal: Luba Sadovska

Silver Medal: Fen Wan

Bronze Medal: Vicky Wu


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April 8-9, 2017 North Shore Table Tennis Open

Victoria Table Tennis Club at 2017 North Shore Table Tennis Open.      Great journey for our Club! Group of 5 players brought home 6 awards:             5- Gold and 1- Bronze. 

Andy Wang:  U12- Gold !

Ming Fang: U1000- Gold ! 55+- Gold ! U2000 Doubles- Gold !

Bogdan Sokol: U1500- Gold ! U2000 Doubles- Gold !

Mike Hughes & Igor Masalkin: U2000 Doubles- Bronze !




Together again

Partners two years ago in Suzhou, once again Germany’s Timo Boll will partner China’s Ma Long; it is just one of the intriguing pairings announced for the forthcoming Liebherr 2017 World Championships which begin in Düsseldorf on Monday 29th May.

Also, in the Men’s Doubles event Fan Zhendong will pair with Xu Xin, whilst in the Mixed Doubles, Fang Bo joins forces with the host nation’s Petrissa Solja, Feng Yalan teams with Denmark’s Jonathan Groth.