Basic Skills and Techniques

This is the main educative core program for players who decided to learn theory, strategy and techniques of Table Tennis. Starting with basic introduction, the players will learn principles of movement and develop the basic skills for  introduction to the competitive Table Tennis. Program is suitable for wide range of players. The shortest term of program- 3 months (2 hour practice three times a week, approximately 72 hrs in total). Participants are required to bring their own racquets and wear appropriate athletic apparel.


  • Equipment (Rubbers, Blades, Glue, Balls, Tables, Nets)
  • Grip Introduction, Correction and Development
  • Ready Position for Different Styles of Play
  • 3 Types of Footwork
  • Principles of Biomechanics
  • FH & BH Drive
  • FH & BH Push and Chop (Short & Long)
  • Multi- ball Introduction in Conjunction with a Footwork
  • FH & BH Topspin Techniques
  • Block & Smash techniques
  • Service & Service Return
  • Drills & Multi- Balls Feeding
  • Introduction to Competition & further Rules knowledge

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